InspirationThe bathroom is one of the most private and intimate parts of anybody’s house. Regardless of how big or small it is, you need to make sure it looks and feels relaxing. To make that happen you will need a good floor plan. Here are some tips on how to design a truly efficient and comfortable bathroom:

Mind the Toilet

The toilet always sets the tone of a bathroom, unless you are still in the process of building the house, in which case you can dictate where the toilet should go. If you are simply remodeling, though, you’ll have to design the rest of the bathroom space such that the toilet is offered some privacy —off to the side, covered by the vanity, etc.

Take a Head Count for the Vanity

Of course, your bathroom needs a vanity, but you’ll have to decide whether to put in one sink or two; you’d also need to determine how much storage space you need. For this, you’ll have to think about how many people will be using the vanity and how. Will there be two people who need to prepare for work/school at the same time on a regular basis? If so, then a two-sink vanity may be best. Otherwise, you could have a single sink and then a separate makeup vanity for the women of the house.

Shower, Tub, or Both?

Some people love soaking in a tub, especially after a stressful day at work. Others prefer quick showers, especially those who are always on-the-go. When you choose whether to install a tub or a feature shower, be sure to take everyone’s preferences into consideration. Like many people, you may have to go for a functional shower/tub combo if you have limited space.

Remember that in a bathroom, every single inch counts. Safety is also important, so be sure to include such features as slip-resistant surfaces and grab bars. It is also a good idea to think beyond the bathroom and consider the style you’ve adopted with the rest of the house. Although you don’t have to match everything, the styles of the individual rooms should at least blend well.