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QuickBathSolutions_PICS_JasonJason Peters – PRESIDENT

Jason’s interest in construction started at an early age when his first “job” was scraping grout from an old tile counter top for a contractor friend when he was 12.  After that, he was hooked; he spent every summer throughout high school working as a laborer, absorbing every bit of information he could along the way. Jason completed his BS in Construction Management from Cal State Long Beach in 1996. For several years, he learned the ins and outs of residential remodeling and running a small business, and as his career advanced, he worked for a custom home builder, a production home builder, and two large commercial contractors.

The varied experiences with different companies allowed him to take the best aspects of each and incorporate them into his new business.  Jason is passionate about creating amazing experiences for each client through upfront, clear and timely communication, clearly understood scopes of work with accurate estimates, creative designs, and accurate project schedules with on-time project completion.   He believes these simple steps allows Imagine Remodeling to succeed where many others fail.

QuickBathSolutions_PICS_BradBrad Carskadon – VICE PRESIDENT

Brad often jokes that he started his working life at 3 years old on his family farm in Nebraska. Shortly after, he moved to Wisconsin, and as you can imagine, a respect for blue collar hard work, adapting to the cold weather, and his love for sports were forged. Those unforgiving winters will teach you how to sacrifice and serve people in need; Brad found himself enjoying anything he could create with his hands. Art, music, and architecture piqued his interest, digging deeper into how it all works and trying to understand how he can create a unique design and improve on someone’s original idea.

At the start of high school, Brad landed in Fresno and began his pursuit for creative freedom as a music major in college where he also worked part-time doing construction. It didn’t take long before he was working fulltime as a tile/stone setter and made the decision to commit his career to design and remodeling. He believes there is something unique about getting lost in the creative moment where time stands still and the noise of life fades. It allows him to focus on a single purpose and to create beautiful things.